What’s with the name?

The name was chosen in honour of Cecil Sharp and Janet Blunt, both avid collectors of Morris and folk dances and songs during the first half of the 20 th century. Cecil Sharp might be the more famous of the two, but Janet Blunt lived right here in Adderbury and collected lots of the songs and dances in our tradition.

Every year close to the 1st May we dance out in the village in kit and then lay flowers on Janet’s grave at the Church of St Mary the Virgin. We also make sure not to forget Winnie Wyatt, who worked for Janet Blunt, and saved a lot of her research from being destroyed after her death.

How did you start?

Despite the strong Morris tradition in Adderbury, dating back to the early 20 th century, it was not until April 2010 that our ladies’ side was formed.  Following a conversation between Tay Yardley Barnes and Keith Norton at the Day of Dance, Tay gathered together 12 would-be dancers and two musicians within a few hours and Sharp and Blunt was born. .

Do I need any experience to join?

Nope. We have a real mix of members. Most of us have formal no dance or musical experience. And you don’t need to live in Adderbury either.

What kind of morris dancing do you do?

We mostly dance the Adderbury tradition. Historically different villages, even a few miles apart, had their own distinct dances. So we started with Adderbury dances, but we have been known to put our own spin on them. Plus, if we see another team do something we like, we might nick it!

Do you have an age limit?

No, we believe anyone of any age can morris dance.

How much of a commitment is it?

If you want to, you can just come to weekly practice to meet people and do a bit of exercise. We love to show what we’ve learnt and dance outs tend to be one or two a month in the busiest period of summer. It’s always up to you to opt in to dance outs though.

What does it cost?

Subs are £45 per year, which helps to cover the cost of hall hire, the website etc etc. You don’t pay anything when you join, and only when you’ve decided it’s your new favourite hobby after a few months will the treasurer sidle up with the bank details.

Can I invite you to something?

Yes please! We love to dance out. Please Contact Us!

What do you have to wear?

For practice, just something comfy. Supportive shoes are a good idea as there’s a fair bit of jumping. When we dance out we wear our kit - brown boots, black trousers, a long white shirt, black waistcoat and grey top hat with pheasant feathers. Plus of course bells, which you can either buy from us, or borrow with a deposit.

But I’m a man!

Ah well, then you’ll be needing to meet our friends Adderbury Morris Men and Adderbury Village Morris Men!


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